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Salem Regional Medical Center's History and Timeline

1907: 14 Physicians Form Salem City Hospital Association

In 1907, 14 Salem physicians formed a corporation called the Salem City Hospital Association. Through an organized fund drive, the first of its kind in the U.S., the Association raised $65,000 in donations. A building fund was established, and the hospital was built at its current location on East State Street.

September 13, 1913: Dedication Ceremony Held for Salem City Hospital

Following a dedication ceremony on September 13, 1913, Salem City Hospital opened and could accommodate 70 patients.

1948: New Patient Wing Added

The hospital began to take root and grow, with each decade bringing a major improvement to the facility. In 1948, a wing was added increasing the patient capacity to 108 beds and 24 bassinets.

1956: New Facilities Added

On April 6, 1956, ground was broken for an addition to the hospital's edifice to include a warehouse, power plant, laundry and pharmacy.

1963: East Wing Constructed

In 1963, construction of the east wing increased the hospital's bed capacity from 108 to 150, and provided a chapel, lobby, outpatient waiting room and treatment rooms.

July 1, 1969: The Central Clinic and the Salem City Hospital Associations Merge

On July 1, 1969, the Northern Columbiana County Community Hospital Association (NCCCHA) was founded through the merger of the Central Clinic and Hospital Association and the Salem City Hospital Association. The Central Clinic and Hospital Association had been in existence since 1921 as both a proprietary and non-profit corporation. NCCCHA's new, non-profit corporation structure included trustees of both institutions. The bed complement after the merger was 210.

1972-1978: Outpatient Diagnostic and Emergency Treatment Department Added

The next major construction project, from 1972-1978, resulted in an additional 42 patient beds, as well as a new outpatient diagnostic and emergency treatment department, an additional operating suite and expansion of the existing laundry facilities.

1984: Hospital Undergoes Name Change

In 1984, the Northern Columbiana County Community Hospital Association underwent a name change to become Salem Community Hospital.

1992: New Beginnings Family Care Center Opens

To accommodate the shift toward family involvement, the hospital's maternity unit was relocated and redesigned in the early 1990s. The result was a calm and inviting environment that integrated the latest technology. With a name change to reflect its contemporary, family-friendly design, New Beginnings Family Care Center promotes comfort, family involvement and safety. The unit features tastefully decorated birthing suites, capable of accommodating all phases of childbirth, while allowing babies to "room in" with their moms throughout their stay to enhance bonding. A fully-equipped operating room within the unit saves valuable time in the event of an emergency cesarean section.

1994: Emergency Department Expands

In 1994, a 10,000 square-foot Emergency Department expansion was completed on the west end of the building. At a cost of $4.4 million, the expansion improved emergency services provided to the community. It included fifteen rooms, including rooms dedicated to pediatric, trauma, cardiac, ear, nose and throat, and gynecological emergencies. Additional features included a separate ambulance entrance, new triage and waiting areas, a decontamination room and a centrally-located nurses' station. An x-ray room and dark room were also constructed within the ED for patient convenience. Urgent care centers began to emerge nationally as a way to effectively and economically treat patients who were seeking care in emergency departments, but did not have life-threatening injuries. The Emergency Care Center Plus is the hospital's urgent care facility, which is housed within the Emergency Department.

A New Century Begins: Medical Imaging Technology Added

As the new century began, the hospital introduced diagnostic and treatment tools in the Medical Imaging department, which included: PET Scan, a whole body medical imaging tool; a combined PET/CT scan, which offers the latest diagnostic imaging; the Sophie Classic, an advanced mammography unit; Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound (PVD), to detect blockages in the vascular system; and the Cancer Care Center's Linear Accelerator to enhance radiation treatment.

2000: Columbiana Medical Center Constructed

Plans for growth were well underway. The first of a series of construction projects was completed in the summer of 2000 with the unveiling of the Columbiana Medical Center, located on Park Avenue in Columbiana. This facility offers satellite offices of the hospital's Rehabilitation Services, Mammography Suite and Laboratory, enhancing convenience for patients who need these services. The structure also houses physician practices.

2003: Three-story Addition, Walkway and Salem Medical Center Open

The hospital's main campus expanded in 2003. A $15.1 million construction project created a three-story addition to the front of the hospital, the Salem Medical Center and a walkway spanning East State Street that united the two structures. An Outpatient Department, Intensive and Coronary Care Unit, lobby, registration area and The Look Nook Gift Shop are housed in the addition. The Salem Medical Center provided space for the Salem Sleep Center, an expanded Rehabilitation Services Department and physicians' offices.

2005: Salem Home Medical Relocates

Salem Home Medical, the hospital's durable medical equipment retailer, relocated to 2235 East Pershing Street in 2005. Salem Home Medical offers a complete line of medical equipment including: home oxygen therapy, CPAP and Bi-Pap units, diabetes and ostomy supplies, mobility equipment, orthotics, therapeutic leg wear and the Uniform Shoppe, which provides a full line of professional apparel and shoes.

2006: New Central Plant Completed

The construction of a Central Power Plant on Pershing Street, behind the main hospital building, commenced in 2004. Completed in the fall of 2006, one of the most significant features of the new Central Plant is its ability to provide uninterrupted utilities, even during times of power loss to the surrounding area. An important component to disaster preparedness, this advanced system ensures that medical care will not be compromised during manmade or natural disasters that cause loss of power. Additionally, the Central Plant is environmentally friendly and will meet the hospital's utility needs for at least the next 30 years. Several support departments were also relocated to the building to consolidate services and allow for expansion of the Surgery Department.

2009: Surgery Center Opens

Construction of a new Surgery Department was completed in April 2009. The project created a state-of-the-art surgery center that offers the conveniences of a free-standing surgery center with the safety and support of a full-service hospital. The facility features seven operating suites, including two which were specially-designed for urology and orthopaedics. The hospital's surgeons provide a wide variety of surgeries, from complex procedures to those performed on an outpatient basis.

2012: Construction Begins on New Patient Bed Tower

In the summer of 2012, construction began on a $42.5 million patient bed tower on the east side of the hospital's campus.

September 13, 2013: Celebrating 100 Years of Caring

The hospital celebrated its milestone 100th Anniversary of serving the health needs of area residents.

January 1, 2014: Name Change Launches a New Era

The start of 2014 launched a new era in the organization's 100-year history with a name change from Salem Community Hospital to Salem Regional Medical Center. The new name acknowledges the hospital's strong tradition of significant growth and expanded services over the years, along with reflecting its continued commitment to providing advanced medical services to the region as an independent, not-for-profit medical center.

February 4, 2014: New Patient Tower Opens

In February 2014, Salem Regional Medical Center opened its new patient tower, designed to provide a state-of-the-art healing environment for patients, their families and visitors. The 169,700 square foot tower features 87 private rooms on three floors. The tower also offers two levels of enclosed, free parking and a ground floor concourse area housing a reception area, Perks Café and a new location for the hospital's Look Nook Gift Shop.

October 2015: Cancer & Infusion Center and Outpatient Expansion Project Completed

Growth has continued at SRMC with the opening of a new Cancer & Infusion Center, Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Center and Outpatient Procedures unit in October 2015. The $4.6 million cancer care expansion and $2 million orthopaedic and outpatient projects were designed to meet an increasing community need for more convenient access to advanced cancer treatment and to support a growing number of outpatients requiring these specialized services.

February 2017: Endoscopy Expansion Opens

SRMC's new, state-of-the-art Endoscopy Unit opened in February 2017 to meet the high demand for outpatient care and endoscopy services. Designed to enhance patient privacy and comfort, the expanded 11,600 sq. ft. unit includes 16 private patient care treatment bays, 4 procedure rooms and a spacious family waiting area.

At a cost of $6.3 million, SRMC's overall expansion project also included enhancements to the Outpatient Registration department, which relocated into a more functional space next to the Endoscopy Unit; and facility improvements to the flooring and walls of the hospital's ground floor corridor.
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