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Skilled Nursing Facility

SRMC offers a 13-bed rehab/skilled nursing facility (SNF) for patients transitioning from a hospital stay. A highly skilled team of nurses; dietitians; social workers; an activity coordinator; and physical, occupational and speech therapists provides 24-hour medical care under the supervision of the director of nursing and physician medical director.

Our health care team will work with you to develop an individualized care plan designed to help you reach your highest level of function and independence.

►Admissions & Referrals

A physician, case manager, social worker or discharge planner can refer a patient for admission to our SNF. Family referrals and self referrals are also encouraged.

Expect the Best: 5-Star CMS Rating

Our Skilled Nursing Facility has received the highest 5-star rating as determined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) rating system, based on information from Health Care Surveys, Quality Measures and Staffing.

Trust the Experience of Patients Like You

Marsha: "The level of care and attention to detail by every staff member was superb. I was a partner in my recovery after surgery."

Brian: "The entire staff including leadership was attentive and responded to my every need. I was hesitant about going to skilled nursing after surgery but am so happy I chose to. It’s an incredible rehabilitation unit for post-operative knee surgeries."

Karen: "This staff is amazing. They truly care, show great compassion, and are patient and kind. The therapy and nursing staff are especially outstanding and provide high quality care. The unit is very clean and I always felt safe."

For more information about SRMC’s Skilled Nursing care, please call 330-332-7219.